Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pedal Breakdown (one)

 Let's start with the the toe-clips. These ones are made of steel and show a classic design (no identification mark, sorry).

They get attached to the pedal's body by means of a three bolt-and-nut system (that's nothing new under the sun, either). The most interesting feature is the three slotted adjusting system that gives a full centimetre of fore-aft tuning.
I'd dare to say that these toe-clips are the originals, probably sold as a pack with the pedals. If you look carefully at the middle picture  you will notice a hollow triangular shape that exactly matches the pedals front contour.
The triangular upper piece is obviously intended to sandwich the pedal and....if you look carefully you'll notice an interesting detail: see the two holes in the front of the pedal? Well, if you have small feet you will obviously pull the toe-clip backward and pass the forward fixing bolt through the  second-rear hole (the front one gets covered by the toe-clip itself). All right then, take a close look at the front of the pedal and you will notice a mark in the aluminium around this second hole. My deduction? The former owner took a smaller shoe-size than me and did not like bolts coming loose! (elementary, my dear Watson)

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