Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autumn Charm

An old -very old- farm house. It dates from the XVth Century and was probably build over an even older construction.

 The owner, a retired architect, made some ironic remarks regarding the futility of the discharge arches above the windows. I'd dare to say he's right, they don't look like being able to spread any force coming from the upper floor. It seems to me that the mason had heard something about discharge arches but didn't grasp the idea well enough. Well, it was an attempt...

The environment could not be more charming; walked on a soft (and slippery) carpet of fallen leaves while admiring the range of colours from the ones still on their branches.

A quaint secluded spot worth a visit.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall is in the air

A pic taken during a damp reconnaissance patrol. Since I'm giving a thought to ride an Iberian Diagonal on Easter I was searching for a route I'd sketched on a map but was unable to find my way through a maze of unnamed lanes in a desert industrial area (in fact I was just trying to avoid the highway).

Rode home in frustation .To add insult to injury I was nearly driven out of the road by a passing car making an illegal overtake.
Limped home wrapped in righteous indignation... to fight another day.

A city of contrasts

Two contrasting pics taken during an early Autumn ride: a colourful old London Bus converted into a terrace and a dull stone grey street near the basilica of La Mercè.

Old and new, tradition and innovation just a few pedal strokes away...