Friday, March 25, 2011

A true classic

"Stronglight 49D" a true classic and contemporary with the  non less famed "TA pro cinc vis". Won it at e-bay after some last minute bidding.  That's how it looks after a thorough clean up and some polishing. The Q factor is low for current standars -well is really low since I had to replace the bottom bracket spindle for a longer one. A true classic is worth the time invested...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's all over

Half an hour ago I officially finished the restoration. It has taken me 76 days of more or less continuous work. It's been a long an intense experience combining joy and frustration, doing, undoing, redoing and sometimes overdoing. Many hours have been spent  searching either for  vintage parts or  for small nuts, badgering like-minded friends and strangers alike, researching the web for information or trying to locate second hand dealers,... and now it's over. May the outcome be worth the time, the money and dedication invested but  right now I have a vague feeling of emptiness. So intense has this trip been  that to some extend I regret arriving to the end of the route.
It's now time to submit my work to the audience.