Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nearly finished

Resuming activity after a month pause in my cycling interests (some "minor" health issues not worth a comment).

Well, it's nearly finished. Just some cosmetic touches pending before applying the decals (in fact I still don't have them). The most important change will be swapping the 622x25 by 622x23 tyres. The ride will not be as cushy but I have no option since clearance in the short rear triangle is not even marginal (mind that the originals were 622x20).

How does it ride? Great, no doubt it was designed as a pure racer. This morning I test rode it and my impressions were: fast accelerating, precise handling, good stopping (very remarkable for a machine donning single pivot side-pulls) and quite a comfortable position even for a "middle aged gentleman"

Maybe I shouldn't mention that I nearly crashed the first time I applied hard brakes (the stem screw was not fully tightened and the handlebars rotated "a bit too much").