Thursday, May 7, 2015

Next Mission

On Saturday I intend to go for another 200 (metric, of course).
This time the route will be much hillier. I want to ride through the most scenic massif "de les Guilleries", between thickly forested mountains brimming with springs and brooks that time ago gave shelter to some of the bloodiest and most notorious bandits the world has ever seen (at least according to local lore...)

"Transport stage" through the already familiar road to La Roca, then to Hostalric and Massanes and north towards Sta Coloma and Anglès. Fun starts there with a 20 kilometre climb to the thermal town of St Hilari (pk 100, see elevation profile)

The mission's goal: make it in less than eleven hours (mind the parcours is hillier and some ten kilometres longer)

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