Monday, April 27, 2015

Resuming activity / "Tomorrow I ride"

So things went like this: after a full one and a half year  "in waiting" (in most patient blogger inactivity) longing to submit to my selected audience the rare sight of a fully restored (and by now extensively though anonymously ridden) Contini... It's time to retake this blog

"Tomorrow I ride", (note: just paying homage to Jean Bobet) means I will face a 200 km unofficial brevet purposely designed (by me) to pre-test my ability to endure the almost scheduled stages of my forthcoming "Iberian Diagonal"
For those non-educated among my followers let me tell you that the Iberian Diagonals (official name "Les Diagonals Ibèriques") are modeled after  "Les Diagonales de France" and officially maintained by the Randonneurs Catalunya organization ( the governing body of brevets in Spain (the Basque Country excluded)

My Diagonal (in fact it looks more like an "horizontal") will take me from the Atlantic (A Coruña) to the Mediterranean (Barcelona) in a nearly 1200 km long route that must be ridden at a minimum speed of 12 km/hour. In fact it resembles a lot the Paris-Brest but for the fact that northern Spain orography makes it a bit more "hilly" , mainly in it`s opening and closing stretches.

This is my first 1000+ ride, never in my life have I intended such a thing . It's a daring enterprise hindered by some facts: unlike PBP it will be totally unsupported, also unlike PBP it will be a solo ride from the begining to the end and third... I'm not fully confident in my habilities  (both mental and physical) to endure this test.
Anyway I've been secretly and inefficiently training during the winter by night riding after work and inconsistently increasing ride distances in the weekends (while partially injuring a knee...)
Tomorrow I will ride hoping to down the full parcourse in ten hours. That's is my (slightly optimistic) goal.

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