Friday, April 5, 2013

The Fòrum Area

Today I took a spin into the furthermost area to the north of the city. It's known as the "Fòrum area" mainly composed of new land gained to the sea where  " The Forum of the Cultures" was held in 2004.

The access from home is mainly through the "Parc del Besós" a long dedicated bikepath following the river.
It starts at the bridge of Montcada (which takes you north into the road to "La Roca del Vallès", a popular route for roaddies). Turning towards the sea you take a pedestrian lane for a couple of km (the pic is taken there) that  leads you to the bike path. Turning opposite you can easily reach a dirt trail pointing inland.

This bike path is to be avoided on weekends least you want to improve your dodging abilities (newborn cyclist, bike path warriors, skaters, children, hikers, whole families five-a-breast, or any combination you like...) 
Today "traffic was thin" and was able to ride uneventfully to the sea.

First thing one encounters is a well maintained park and a beach ( "platja del fòrum") today obviously deserted.

Following to the south one rides  into a marina ("Port del Fòrum") displaying some interesting ships.  Cars must pay an entrance fee (a parking fee I suppose) but bikes simply skirt the barrier .

Let me show you two of my favourites (refurbished fishing ships with lots of charm. The black one proudly displaying the Maltese cross of St John; the red hulk is from Gibraltar ).

At the end of the marina you can choose between hoping the bike up an endless tram of stairs or show your cornering skills while pedalling through a twisting ramp into the main explanade of the "Fòrum". On one end someone put up a gigantic solar cell panel (not the only one in this area) that provided a fine temporary shelter from the persistent drizzle that was slowly
soaking me up.

As soon as the skies cleared a bit, me and my unfendered fixie rode past the amphitheatre ..... 

... and crossed over the marina through the bridge that leads straight into the aforementioned "Parc del Besos" (enjoyed a privilege bird's eye view on the decks below)

 On my ride back I noticed -to my  dismay- that it had rained quite heavily on the bike path... I was unfendered.

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