Wednesday, August 8, 2012

La Barceloneta

"La Barceloneta" ie "little Barcelona" is a district of the old city displaying a roughly triangular shape located between the quarter of "la Ribera", the old harbour and the sea. It was a sandy spot where inhabitants from "la Ribera" that had lost their homes during the construction of the Citadel ("la Ciutadella") where relocated after the fall of Barcelona to the Borbonic Army in 1714.
It's been traditionally the fishermen district of Barcelona and it still displays a peculiar flavour.

The Old Harbour ("el Port Vell")  is flanked by a promenade actually known as "Passeig de Joan de Borbó" (after the King's father who held the title of Count of Barcelona" ) spotted with typical fish restaurants. A true paradise for skaters and cycle-tourist.

On its eastern side one can still see the old light house dating from the XVIIth century and later converted into a clock tower.

On the opposite side, at the start of the promenade, it  still stands one of the old warehouses , now the site of Catalonia's History Museum.

The triangle is closed by the beach ("la platja de la Barceloneta") one of the most popular either for locals and tourists.

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