Monday, March 19, 2012

BRM 200 Granollers

After last Sunday's partial success I felt somehow compelled to give it a second try.  Granollers CC was holding its first brevet ever offering a scenic parcours with some 400 m less of elevation gain.  So I finally dropped by just to find some 150 liked minded guys queuing up to collect their cards along with a rough draft of the route.
Start at 7 am sharp. Most of the field stampeded out leaving "true-randonneurs" at the back wondering what kind of race those guys were in...
The course lived up to its expectations: quiet backroads, scenics sights, light traffic,... and the entertainig tales of the "old days" from an old cyclist  I teamed up with.

It took us just 11 hours to complete the route, had we not ridden it in such a relaxed manner we'd finished it much earlier.

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